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    Chongqing Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd was first founded in 1940 and came into being by restructuring Chongqing NO.2 Machine Tool Works and Chongqing Tool Plant at the end of 2005. After successful trial production of China’s first gear hobbing machine, gear shaving machine, gear shaping machine and first worm wheel machine tool in 1950s, CHMTI became the cradle for manufacturing gear cutting equipments of China and was designated as one of national eighteen machine tool manufacturer, historically called “Eighteen Disciples of the Buddha”.
    Our company is mainly specialized in manufacturing gear cutting machines, with products covering lathe, machining center, complex cutter, automobile parts, precision rotor, etc. Currently CHMTI is the largest gear cutting machine manufacturing base in China, manufacturer with largest number of gear cutting machine output and sales in the world, with annual output and sales over 1500 sets. In addition, CHMTI pioneers in China gear machine tool industry, being responsible unit of China Gear Machine Tool industry standardization committee and national high-tech enterprise, CHMTI has built State-level Technical Center, Academician and Experts Workstation and Postdoctoral Research Station.
    Our company has long been committed to technical innovation and improving core competiveness, with products of nine series. 90 kinds from one axis to nine axes, machining diameter from Φ10mm~3200mm, gradually increasing to Φ6300mm, with CNC machine ratio over 60%. The market share of our main products has long-term maintained more than 60%. Meanwhile, our products are exported to over 50 countries and regions like USA, Japan, South Korea and France. Accumulatively approximately 30,000 precision gear cutting machines are provided for automobile, motorcycle, engineering, marine, energy & mine, aerospace and other industries. In recent years, our company has been in charge of 20 national great science & technology projects and state-level scientific research projects in total and won 118 state-level and provincial and ministerial-level prizes, including first and second prize for advance in science and technology of China and first prize for advance in science and technology of Chongqing.
    During these years, Party and state leaders have paid much attention and care about our company. President Jiang Zemin and President Hu Jintao paid visit to CHMTI on April 15, 1991 and July 21, 2007 and placed high hopes on the development of company.
    CHMTI has devoted to applying the most advanced science and technology in the machine tool manufacture, greatly developing large-scale, precision, high-speed and dry-cutting, green and intelligent CNC gear cutting machines, forging a complete technical solution from lathe, complex cutters to gear cutting machines and continuing to keep the No.1 brand of gear cutting machine in China and pioneer position of industry, striving for entering the world-class gear cutting machine manufacturers within five years and the development of machine tool industry in China, forming a world-famous brand of China.

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